Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jessica Sanchez - The Prayer - American Idol 2012 (Final Judgement).flv

I don't give a darn about how she looks, im a Filipino too. its a singing competition, close your eyes and just listen... cus hey, even if your Ms Universe and join American idol if you cant sing properly, you wont last long... just saying.. and besides are you saying she's not presentable? who are you to judge? are you even a Ms Philippines contender? i guess not -_-
Don't ever criticize other people by the way they look...
This contest is all about singing, not pageant, and jesica has that big big talent and skills when it comes yto singing.. She has the most beautiful voice of the contestant.Superb, she sings THE PRAYER more meaningfully. You are a Soul Diva Jessica!.We will support all through your way to be the next American Idol!!!
PRIDES OF FILIPINO PEOPLE! Jessica Sanchez great talent indeed!!!